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A new Merz album 'ink' which was made concurrently with the 'Thinking Like A Mountain' album and which features four mixes by Ewan Pearson, has been made available only to the subscribers for one year, along with a five-track EP titled 'Amber Green Red', along with a Merz live movie (and compendium live album) titled 'Our Ears Are In Excellent Condition' filmed and directed by Yannick Mossiman and featuring the musicians Shahzad Ismaily and Julian Sartorius.

Having this material to share with you makes for the perfect time to launch a subscription service. It is a hope that this can become a sustainable model for the future production of Merz music, without the slow-down, discouraging hindrances of the old-world music industry model. I thrive off the championing enthusiasm of those who value the music I make and I'd like to be sure those folks have direct and clear access to future Merz output.

The 'ink' album and and all the Merz albums offered are available to download the moment you subscribe.

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Get all the new music they release, plus bonus items from their back-catalog, subscriber-only specials, and access to subscriber-exclusive messages.

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Thank you! I thrive off your championing enthusiasm. It's a two-way street; know that the music exists in some way because of you.

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